What is e-commerce ?

E-commerce refers to an online marketplace where businesses and customers buy and sell products online. E-commerce does not only refer to selling products online. It can also refer to the buying and selling of services. E-commerce is separated into 3 categories:  business to business [B2B], business to consumer [B2C] and consumer to consumer [C2C].
Basically the common rule of an e-commerce website is the online environment where payments can be completed electronically, that’s why we call it e-commerce.

How do we approach e-commerce websites?

Our approach  to e-commerce websites differs from basic or general CMS based websites because it requires more attention in regards to security for the electronic data. Basically we need to do A to Z study of your brand and organisation's working methods; the most important aspect being your target market and customers. After analyzing all the primary and intermediate modules, we concentrate on the one and only key goal of any e-commerce website; to convert website visitors to customers.

How do we build e-commerce websites?

We work strictly with designs and programming according to the original specifications of the project.  We predominately use PHP programming language and MYSQL databases which creates a customer friendly and secure website. With a secure website comes trust which inturn reflects positively on your brand.
Key features of the E-commerce websites we provide are :

  • Fully editable administrator panel, where you can manage all website content including product categories, product description, product gallery, banner images and slideshow banners [optional].
  • Product management attributes manageable e.g. by manage products by color and/or size.
  • Customer management tracking facility.
  • Product zoom characteristic to magnify images and full product details.
  • Generation of coupon codes to offer customer discounts and incentives.
  • Associated products option to increase the worth of the shopping basket.
  • Connection with google analytics feature to track the your website traffic.
  • Product order management system including stock reports.
  • Integration of all major payments gateways including paypal, payment express, google checkout, moneybookers, sagepay and authorize.net

Above are basic key features that we provide with almost all e-commerce websites however each clients needs are different, so we always like to discuss the goals and requirements surrounding each project.

Website name for e-commerce websites

We provide a domain name registration service including giving you several options before you choose right name for your website. We can also check to ensure that the domain name you want is available to register. Please click here if you would like to know more about domain name registration services.

Hosting for e-commerce websites

We host e-commerce websites on our ultra fast, local and secure webservers. Hosting  is the platform where  you will manage all aspects of your online business. For more detailed information about services and pricing plans for your website hosting, please click here.

Ongoing support once website is LIVE

A1Dezine is with you every step of the way and we offer range of after launch support packages with our website proposals. Our technical team provides dedicated support during normal office hours [Monday to Friday, 9AM to 5PM] via email, phone or by talking on skype (if applicable).

Social media marketing and SEO services

To be honest its not worth building e-commerce website if you never thought about online marketing like social media and search engine optimization services. Without utilising these tools  you will be substaionally impeding your website's full potential. Ensure you look at all aspects of creating an online presence including how you will promote it, we recommend you consider one of our SEO packages as part of the website process.
We create promotional business pages for all major social networking websites like facebook, twiiter, youtube and google plus etc.



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