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5 tips to create an effective social media campaign

A1dezine Ltd | April 23, 2018 | Content Marketting | 2 responses

Whether you have started a new business or just planning to expand your eCommerce business reach. Having an effective social media marketing campaign will be of great help to grow your business online. As you will definitely not want to spend a huge chunk of time in attracting more traffic and boosting your sales. Social media campaign will help you to bring greater exposure to your brand. It is an important part of marketing strategy for every business. That’s true. Nearly 90% of marketers claim to improve their business’s recognition by creating a successful social media campaign.

However, attracting user’s attention on social media platforms can be both arts and science. It is because users take very less time to scroll through their newsfeeds and multiple conversations which reduce their attention period. So, you can consider adding some attractive images on your business site to attract users and increase social sharing.

Social media is an indispensable marketing tool, but there are some common pitfalls that you must avoid while engaging people via social media. But the advantages of using it are so many that every marketer must consider implementing this cost-effective option. Many successful eCommerce brands have already escalated their business growth by utilising social media campaign. Take for example some successful brands Oreo, Innocent and Wendy’s. When we talk about their social media interactions these brands rank best in terms of their personality and tone. Thus, it won’t be wrong to say that social media campaign is the most important element for increase brand recognition.

Here we have given five best tips that you can apply to build a more effective social media campaign.

  1. Tailor your images for different platforms

It is not necessary that the images which are popular on one social media platform may not essentially gain popularity on another. Therefore, it is imperative to tailor your pictures for the correct platform. For example, if you use Instagram then using impressive, beautiful and reminiscent images tend to work best. This is particularly helpful when you use dynamic and simple composition of pictures. Whereas users on Pinterest are more attracted to detailed and visually engaging pictures. For instance, photos of inspiring interiors and handcrafted items.

Additionally, Facebook users respond better to entertaining and funny images that share some kind of emotional resonance within their friend group.

Twitter users are much more advance and more attracted by interesting information sharing pictures. For example, Awareness increasing campaigns on Netflix shows a combination of promotional stills and attractive quotes. Make sure to effectively optimise your strategy because every social network uses different guidelines for image dimensions. Simply cropping and adjusting the size of the picture won’t work well.

  1. Know the end-goal of your social campaign

It is important to understand the clear goal for which you are using each picture. This will guide you to make an appropriate social campaign. You can accordingly tailor the messages and pictures on your site. If you are focusing on brand awareness, it is better to be more conceptual. Also, remember to keep your brand voice coherent. When you are selling a product, using highly promotional posts are not probable to work well. Even if your product is certainly featured you using entertaining and ingenious images may sometimes not fare well.

  1. Understand why your audience will prefer to share it

It is imperative to understand the interests of your audience. Because all people will visit your site, even those that are welcome and unwelcome. They will click on your campaign, like it and share it only if it truly resonates with their motivations.

If you have already run campaigns like this, make sure to go through all the available data. This will help you determine the right pictures for appropriate demographics. You can also consider using Facebook Insights. Or you can study the efforts of your most successful competitor. Usually, shareable pictures are easily manageable and very simple. They can easily convey the message or any information that you want your audience to recognize. Remember it is useful to use pictures that can provoke the thoughts of your customers. Sometimes all you need to do is post beautiful picture which inspires your audience to share it all over the internet.

  1. Choose images that convey your message quickly  

When you use appealing pictures that are easy to share you can quickly convey your message to the audience. However, it must be combined with a very impressive subject. In order to tell more complex stories you can use visual shorthand. Keep in mind that your users must be easily able to recognise which brand belongs to you.

For instance, Oreo is a famous brand known for its expertise in creating a social campaign. They produce a continuous stream of relevant, new and authentic content.

Remember different kinds of photos can be used for different requirements. For example, you can use a strong and unusual image when you use photography. While using a bold text on a simple and bright background when you want to share a quote or message. Meanwhile, you can stimulate your visitor’s imagination by using illustrations. This will give you more scope to share an unusual, abstract or surreal content.

  1. Keep your designs according to short attention spans

As we already mentioned, online users don’t spend much time in going through the feeds. So, you will need to find an effective way to keep your users engaged when attention periods are short. Also, remember that sometimes it is not enough to have an appealing image. Along with it you must add effective content to create a killer social campaign. Check out the 10 outstanding social media campaigns you need to see. The main goal is to keep your users hooked and influence them to your share it with their friends.

A great example of this is Diner chain Denny’s which have created a solid reputation. As they create weird and cheerful social campaigns. Although posting good quality pictures could have worked well. But their playful and simple ad kept their customers more engaged. The most effective and popular social photos of Denny’s was pancake-themed. It was also accompanied by the ‘Zoom in on the syrup’.


2 responses to “5 tips to create an effective social media campaign”

  1. Kalpana says:

    Thanks for these helpful tips. I like #1 sharing picture, i never think about this, so thanks.
    Keep updating.

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