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5 Tips to Optimise Your Social Media Campaign to Boost up Online Sales

Ranjeet Singh | September 7, 2013 | Online Marketing | no responses


Started with wikis, an interactive approach to communicate with readers online, the mass communication at internet has extended, exponentially, to next level of messaging with arrival and rampant proliferation of Social Media. Social media now a primary and pinnacle way to interact with friends as well as strangers in its new avatars like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and lots of other successful social media sites is used by more than half of the globe’s population.
It is obvious that social media having such a vast reach to masses cannot be remain unnoticed by marketers and managers, and therefore has emerged as even more popular mean to promote a product or service and is extensively used as a mean to brand and sell products. To make a marketing campaign more effective on social media, companies are devising new ways to remain competitive and ahead form others in increasing their online sales. Companies are adopting some unique and interesting ways to promote and pitch themselves. Some of the unique inspiring methods to increase sales online gaining momentum across social media are:

Developing an Online Community on Social Media
Creating an online community along with fan pages on social media platforms is an interesting way to get attention of prospective customers moving across online. Communities across on facebook, twitter, linkedin and google+ with latest information on products, events, and with recreational and fun activities providing scope for members to interact with each other, ultimately, let them speak around the product and services. Offer opportunity to people on your community to share opinion and ideas with likeminded people. Relate brand and services with life style and daily behaviours of customers.

Access Well, Where You’re Social Media Campaign Can Be Optimised
Merely setting a social media campaign could not bring desired sales results, online. Analysis and enriching campaigns with sales driven motive is the next step ahead after forming a SMO campaign. Time-to- time evaluation of the layout of the campaign, regular changes on lading pages and setting new conversion goals, let your campaign to be more successful beyond set goals and targeting.

Promote Your Campaign Across The Platforms
Contended only with advertising a product only on a single social media platform, will bring only limited results with respect to sales. Instead, a SMO exercise should be planned in keeping inter platform activities in mind. Every twitter post should have a facebook link and further extension to LinkedIn as well. Even link your social media sites to some preferred sites your customer’s choice so they may reach to your product or service at those websites.

Include Crowd Sourcing Measures at Your Campaign
In addition to selling, indulge in some sort of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activities at the social media campaign. This will attract more and more people towards your campaign and somehow would enquire about your services and spread goodwill about it across online community.

Use Conversion and Measuring Tools
Last and the most important, regularly measure performance of the campaign with various tracking tools and update it for better sales results.
These small measures of regularly playing with a SMO campaign, definitely, would result into improved sales result.


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