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A Website Design Method

Ranjeet Singh | July 2, 2013 | Uncategorized | no responses

A web design should have possess attention of the audience .It should be in such a way that Guest on the net get a long impact on their mind and should be long lasting. It should be attractive and elegant so viewer prone to notice it and get affected. The major issues that should be kept in mind are that it should be impressive. The following should be key points in addition to above:


Designing issues:

– Focus of Business
– Selling (Services, Retail, Location)
– Current customers
– How guests ought to navigate?
– Consider visitors’ purpose of read

Implementing planning:

This is another important aspect, for implementation we have to keep in touch with the designers for proper formalization of the site such as font, color, style background color or image etc.

Design Development:

Herewe keep moving with technicalities, the lack of which distracts our track.

Content Vitality:

content should be impressive that leave impact on the audience. It should be vital voluminous, attractive and intensive. So above content can have an attentive web designing aspect.

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