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5 ways to build a website on a budget

A1dezine Ltd | May 9, 2018 | New Website Design | no responses

Whether you are looking to start a new website or a blog, its design will be very important for the success of your business. Building a website can be costly, but you can solve this problem by using a little effort.

For the starter information, you can get a help from various options like local hosting services, user-friendly site platforms and several online forums. These options make it easily possible to create a site within a budget and with little exertion.

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To help you build an excellent website on a budget, we’ve given following five effective ways:

Create a unique domain name

There are a lot of companies which provide free domain registration along with a hosting purchase. You must create a domain name that is relevant for your niche. Make sure it is a memorable and inviting name for your site to make it effective for your business. It should be an inviting and memorable for the customers on your site as well. Your users must not have any difficulty in finding your domain name when browsing it.  

Install WordPress

This is a go-to platform for every first-time website owner. Even experienced professionals choose WordPress to craft beautiful website. It usually gives two versions of the website: Self-hosted and fully hosted.

If you want a professional looking website, the best option is to choose self-hosted WordPress. It offers a wider array of plugins, themes and tools. This can be helpful in designing a unique and professional looking website. In contrast to this, sites that are fully hosted get limited functionality and design.

Get web hosting account service

For a better performance of your website, it is important to get a good web hosting account. Most of the web hosting companies are always offering special schemes. Generally, they offer 50% or more discount to new customers for their first year of getting hosting services.

So, you can search for a company that is running special discounts. It will allow you to test the effectiveness of your website in the first year and you can know how to use it to promote your business or services.

Make sure to check online local forums and reviews when hiring a hosting company. You must also ask whether their customer care services are accessible 24/7. You can visit their website to check their history of offering excellent services, customer reviews and products.

Choose a relevant theme for your business

If you select a self-hosted WordPress, there are abundant of themes that you will get. Make sure to choose a theme that goes well with the layout of your site. You can either choose cost-free or paid themes using a self-hosted WordPress.

It will help you to craft a site that can easily convey the message that you want to pass to your potential customers. Many themes are easily customizable and allow users to modify different features like color, font, adding a unique logo, etc. 

It is very easy to manage and design most themes, whether you choose free or paid ones. It is because they provide simple tutorials about how to change the theme suitable for your site. Check out 2018’s bestselling WordPress themes.

Are you a beginner?

If you are not a techie and not able to craft your site, despite making hard efforts. You can consider hiring web design company in Hamilton. They can provide great designs for WordPress custom themes.

On the other hand, you can get recommendations from your family or friend who have good knowledge about web designing. Remember, you must have a site that attracts your targeted audience to your blog or business.

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