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WordPress is a globally recognised Content Management System that is a cost-effective option to build websites using an open source framework. In fact, one-quarter of all websites globally use WordPress. This means that nearly 60 million websites that use WordPress are popping up daily.

Previously, WordPress has been a less expensive option to create great websites, as it can easily work with template designs which expand its functionality. However, as more and more website developers are now using WordPress as a CMS platform, the functionality and flexibility is growing exponentially. Additionally, WordPress has evolved as an effective solution for businesses and web developers who are looking for robust and scalable solutions.

The experienced and professional team at A1 Dezine use the scalability and flexibility of WordPress to deliver quality websites for our client’s businesses. We have expert WordPress developers that design and develop websites that go above and beyond our clients expectations. They are also affordable.

Why WordPress proves to be the go to solution for businesses around the globe

  • WordPress is an open source framework

When it comes to creating a website, there are various content management systems available. However, most of them are proprietary and cost an annual fee. Thus, proprietary CMS solutions are often expensive and unsecure with limited functionality.

Because WordPress is open source, it is free to be used by anyone, and most of the web developers on a global platform prefer to use it.

  • It makes it easy for business owners to scale their business growth

As there is an open source group of WordPress web developers, regular updates and plugins are constantly released. Plugins are basically small add-ons that can be installed on a site and allow other types of functionality to easily work on it.

This is why it makes it simple to scale up the functionality of your business website.

  • Easy to update and Secure

Generally, WordPress is less vulnerable to a cyber-attack rather than other outdated platforms. Because it rolls out regular updates its huge open source community regularly update the security patches for malware.

Therefore, if you ever have any issues in managing your website, you can expect your WordPress web developer to regularly run these updates on your behalf.

  • WordPress provides endless web design possibilities

Often, people overlook WordPress when looking for great CMS solutions for their sites. Which is a shame, as WordPress is more than capable of delivering a beautiful website. There are a lot of design possibilities available when it comes to building sites with WordPress. This means your web developer doesn’t have to use a template, and instead they can easily provide you a well-designed solution from scratch.



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