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Does SEO for 2019 concern with web design layout trends anymore?

Ranjeet Singh | February 24, 2019 | Content Marketting | no responses

Nobody can predict 100% about the nature of search engine algorithms as Google play with them eventually. However, there are some popular web design trends those have been verified by the search engine crawlers. For example: responsive layouts, Parallax scrolling, flat designs and single page layouts. Currently they are the top of the list and search engines just love them to crawl pretty much quickly.


Apparently they are the major website design approaches concern with the search engine techniques in the year of 2019. Make sure that your business website is following one of them if you plan to compete your competition. Even Google is going to warn business owners who use the Google Ad Words. It doesn’t matter how much money you are paying for your listing if your website won’t meet the standards of responsiveness then your listing will not show at the appropriate location. Using this article, I am heading to take a sneak peak of the most important layout techniques that need to be followed by every business. They are very easy to follow by professionals so before hiring anyone to apply these techniques for you, make sure that you ask and discuss one of these technologies to meet the standards. Let’s discuss one by one:

Responsive Layout (Mobile Friendly): Responsive layout means your website can be browsed easily on mobile devices, tablets as well as desktops. If your website is responsive, it means that you are not losing any sort of audience. More and more people browsing the internet on the mobile devices so if your website design is not responsive, hire someone to do it before your competitors steal your customers.

Layouts with Parallax Scrolling (Vertical or horizontal): Parallax scrolling layouts were very popular last year and still helping business’s to illustrate the presentation of the business structures. These layouts are very interesting so people love to click to browse more and that’s what we want. If a customer is browsing your full website, it means that you have more possibilities to get more business. Parallax scrolling also adapt the concept of the 3d kind of websites.

Flat Layouts concept: Flat layouts are more tend to be popular in 2019 as the whole concept is avoiding the use of blocks, wide borders and corners shades etc. Flat designs are going to be much lighter that going to help the page loading speed much faster than before and of course search engine loves it. The whole idea is to simplify the use of, browsing throughout the internet. People don’t have to wait for several minutes for loading scripts like flash or unwanted Java scripts. Flat layouts are following the concept of IOS7 and windows 8. Block of color is going to much easier to browse on the different size of devices. It’s going to be the multi device worlds for the new generation.

Single Page Websites: Single page websites are getting very popular because most of people find the browsing difficult if a website has too many pages. Single page website is one of the conjunction of the parallax scrolling layouts, but few visitors feel it easier to action compare to parallax scrolling fast actions. Very popular for the latest blogs, story tellers and news, people just love to read without changing the tabs and it encourages the users to share the information and that’s the whole idea behind making it popular.

responsive web design

I am sure that most of you, not a fan of all of them, but you will definitely see the trend of these techniques in 2019.
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