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We here at A1dezine have the ability to turn our clients’ vision into reality, and help them to achieve their business goals. We work persistently with our clients and have satisfied them with the outcomes. In that time we have gained great experience and knowledge. Check out the frequently asked questions which will help you to know all about our services prior to signing-off with the web provider.


The timeline to design and build a website is different for every project. However, it takes 2 to 4 weeks to develop an average website, while a comprehensive website may take 12 to 16 or more weeks for its development and modification. But in either case, our expert project manager will keep you informed from the starting point and make sure to launch the website on the agreed time.  

At A1dezine, we provide effective and efficient web design and development solutions at very affordable rates. However, the costs will depend on the length of time invested to design and develop a customised website. Our experts develop websites that meet the requirements of our clients’ business, while fitting with their budget. We offer transparent and comprehensive deals for every individual project from scratch.

A Content Management System (CMS) is an instinctive interface that allows users to manage their website and make important changes directly. We use the content editor WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get), which actually makes it very simple to update information or make changes on a website.  The user can also edit the site’s content and manage its navigational layout as well as structure. We offer a user-friendly CMS called WordPress. The changes can be easily done through a normal web browser without the need for a specialist software. We also guide our clients’ efficiently, so each of them can easily use our CMS when their website is ultimately launched.

In addition to offering complementary training sessions, we also offer a CMS manual to each client, so that they can easily update their website. However, if you are unsure about anything, then our experts are always there to assist you. You can contact us via phone or via our website, and we will provide you extensive support and help.

If our user manual is not able to provide you with an effective solution to your problem, don’t be stressed. You are free to contact our support team. Talk to us over the phone or just email us and our friendly representatives will provide you with an ultimate solution.

The responsive team at A1Dezine will of course help you. We offer a wide variety of website maintenance plans that are best suited to our customers’ business and budget requirements. Hence, your website will reflect a fresh look with up-to-date content on it.

Like all other web development companies, A1Dezine offer excellent design and development services for an agreed and specified time-period, depending on the individual project requirements. Also, we offer the best web hosting services, which are based on a yearly contract. 

No, you won’t. But you will definitely need to choose a domain name that is most suitable for your business and leave the rest on us. We offer registration of a .com, .co.nz, .com.au domain name for about one year or two.

No problem. We will transfer your domain name to your fresh website for the small charge of $25+GST.

If you decide to discontinue your agreement with us, you can freely transfer the domain name to another web provider. This is because the domain within your A1dezine account is registered in your name. However, you will need to reconfigure your email addresses according to the new server’s settings yourself.

After completing your website we will provide you with a copy of the HTML and graphic files that are used for your website via email, or on CD, if you request it. We will also offer you the ultimate compiled source code, unlike most other web design and development companies. This means if you desire to have your website changed by any third party, you can freely do so. In the meantime, we will retain the intellectual property of the source code, but you can reuse it with our permission.

Yes. Our experienced design team can explore and purchase professional graphics relevant to your business and use it to your website.

We formulate and follow effective principles while keeping the website’s Search engine optimization (SEO) in mind. Consequently, our team offers outstanding solutions, such as metatag administration, full keyword and web page title tools to improve the search engine ranking of a business website. We also make sure to discuss cost-effective online marketing strategies with our clients, in order to promote their business across the globe.

It is simply the bank account that will keep a track of all your transactions, including transfer of payments that will take place on your website. If you opt for an eCommerce website, you will be required to set up a merchant account with the web provider.

If you want an e Commerce website, it is best to discuss with us, so we can help you to set up a merchant account through your bank easily.

Yes, you can fully rely on the security of our websites and eCommerce systems. At A1dezine we can assure you that all our ecommerce systems and websites are secure.

We operate on default payment terms, i.e. 50% advance deposit, 40% during the main build and final 10% on the full development of the website.

We offer standard shared hosting services. It will be paid according to the terms of hosting. Click here to check our hosting packages.  

There are no hidden charges.

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