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Five easy steps to secure your WordPress website from getting hacked

A1dezine Ltd | March 22, 2018 | Wordpress | no responses

The issue of website security breaches is becoming a hot topic of conversation with each passing day. Over the last few years we have witnessed a lot of website hacking cases. Whether we talk about Shellshock, Sony Pictures, WordPress, the pentagon’s social media and Heartbleed. We realize that these were some really serious attacks and vulnerabilities.

Today not only web developers, but even small blog or website owners make sure to take necessary precautions for security. Hackers have reinforced malicious activities over the internet to a great extent. As a result, it is crucial to maintain website security at every possible level.

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Here we have discussed five easy steps to protect your website from hackers:

Keep WordPress Version and Plugins up-to-date

We all know that a website needs continuous maintenance rather than being set up and forget about. In fact, every website owner is responsible for its regular upkeep. Otherwise, your site will get outdated and become more vulnerable to hacker attacks.

It is best to use best content management system (CMS) such as WordPress. WordPress is a highly popular CMS and offer various benefits like regular updates and reliable security patches. Each time WordPress releases a small update, tune it up and fixes your website. While every major WordPress release provides advanced features and highly refined designs. Although it provides great appearance and updated interface to your website. Its security updates are equally beneficial for a website. You should check a brief guide to WordPress website maintenance.

Other than this it is also best to upgrade your plugins with the help of a professional web developer. However, if you maintain your website yourself, it is best to keep a backup of your website databases and files. Since code breaking risks after updating a site is common. There is a risk of conflicts / code breaking after an update, so the backup is ideal in case anything goes wrong. 

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Manage backups on a regular basis

When a site crashes, some unpleasant scripts introduce a malicious code. This makes it difficult to roll back to the initial unadulterated version of your site. In such situations, many people really don’t know any ideal solution. Thus, it is wise to take the help of your web developer or hosting provider. They can tell you how often you have taken backups of code and database.

Safe Web Hosting

We can see that every hosting provider uses different visual interface. This means not all hosting is created equally. This is mostly possible at the level of support given through their online ticketing system. But less apparent is the servers and security. Just like you upkeep and maintain your computer system, server also needs upkeep.

Make sure to use the latest software for your server and keep it patched on regularly. This will help you maintain its security to the highest possible level. According to experts WP Engine is the best hosting provider for WordPress installs.

Use secure passwords

Most of us often use similar passwords while managing several online accounts. However, we regret when a website security breach happens. Of course, it is daunting to remember passwords with different characters and length. But don’t forget that it is not difficult for hackers to crack a password. Thus, it is important to set passwords with caution. At least you must ensure to use a secure and strong password for your WordPress admin login.

You should never keep your username same as the admin name. As it is certainly the easiest hint you can giveaway to any hacker trying to crack your password. Here is what a strong password must include:

  • Minimum 12 characters;
  • Never use a dictionary word;
  • Always include capital letters, numbers. Lowercase letters and symbols in your password;
  • Don’t use obvious numbers as a substitution for letters. For instance, avoid using ‘3’ in place of ‘E’.

It is a good idea to maintain a password diary which you can maintain and update on a regular basis.  

Use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) / Transport Layer Security (TLS)

These days SSL or TLS is very commonly used on ecommerce websites. In this you can send secure data like, your credit card details through the internets. It is visible in the URL bar located at the top of the webpage. It is usually marked by https:// instead of http://. Sometimes is also accompanied with a small security lock symbol. However, many people often forget about other crucial details like admin login information that exchanged online.

Therefore, it is wise to use https:// for all wp-admin pages and login pages on the internet. This extra security will prove to be highly beneficial as it could save your password from being used by the wrong person.

If you want to use SSL/TLS, make sure to buy an SSL certificate first. This can usually be done with the help of your web hosting provider. So, first consult your hosting provider or web developer. It will help you with the next step that is applying some updates to the code to use https:// instead of http:// for your page.

While these few tips will take your time and money, but it will work well to protect your important site.

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