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Is My Website Getting Any Mobile Traffic?

Ranjeet Singh | February 8, 2014 | Content Marketting | no responses

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Using an ultra fast internet on the Mobile devices has been very popular in the last 10 years especially. There is no doubt that Apple has invented the new face of smart phones to the top of the latest industry and the results are IPHONE is the most famous and usable device in the world. Revolution of IPHONE and IPAD have encouraged online users to use the mobile phones rather than using desktops and laptops and generally after work, people use the internet for social purposes and you don’t have to be stuck with the big computer for that since you have an option like IPHONE and ANDROIDS.

Getting back to the topic anyway, all the business owners who have a website must learn about how much mobile traffic their website is receiving. According to the current stats, by 2015, there will be more internet users will be browsing the internet on mobile devices comparable to computers. If your website doesn’t look good on the mobile devices, then possibly there will not be much beneficial about having a website. Anyways people who are having a responsive website, there are several ways of checking the daily mobile traffic on the website. I am going to explain the easiest one.

Google Analytics is one of the most powerful tool to check the mobile traffic for your website, using this article, I am going to describe how to use it so that you can login into your the most powerful analytic account on tools and check out the progress of traffic to your business website.

How To Check The Mobile Traffic Report Via Google Analytics:
First of all, just go ahead and sign up with Google analytics account. After logging in simply click on your domain name to check the full report about your business website.

Just follow the navigation: AUDIENCE => MOBILE => OVERVIEW

google analytics

By clicking this, you will see the mobile traffic stats. If your website is getting more than 10% of your total website traffic then you must need to get converted your website to responsive website design. Of course, the result will be more traffic and more customers towards your business.

You can also click on the devices in which you website visitors browsed your website so far. It will give you a more detailed idea on the responsiveness of your website, make sure that you double check your website into all these devices after converting it into responsive.

google analytics
Conclusion: After reviewing this stuff, I am sure that most of you will start working on converting your business website design into responsive layouts.
Google Adwords and PPC also encouraged website owners to convert the website into responsive, so that your website can be listed into google enhanced listing, if you fail to do that then google won’t be able to show your website listing into the enhanced section, no matter you pay for that or not.

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