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ISLAPT Medical –Website Redesign

Ranjeet Singh | November 29, 2013 | Customer Service | no responses

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Robert from Brownsville, TX, is the technical manager of ISLAPT. A1dezine has been advised to give a bit life to their outdated website. We have been shown many referenced websites by Robert but he was not fully satisfied with any one of them. Robert wanted to design a responsive, latest and the web design that can demonstrate their Medical practice. Basically they had nothing to start with rather than ideas, so we had to start from the scratch.
A small blurb from ISLAP : Isla Physical Therapy utilizes a one-on-one goal oriented treatment approach with an experienced physical therapist. Your entire session is dedicated to you and your treatment goals. We take a thorough medical history and evaluation, listen to your concerns and work with you to develop a unique treatment plan.
Initially, We had to design the branding according to their needs. Basically website has all the features that should be available in any of the Medical Centre Website for example : Services, Physicians, Insurance, Patients, Pictures, Staff and Contacts. We adopted their ideas and tied them together in a responsive way. Well old website was nothing to inspire with so we had to redesign each section of the website.

What A1dezine has done to redesign the ISLAPT Medical Website?
Responsive Website Design
J Query Home Page Slideshow
Basic Search Engine Optimization.
Photo Gallery
Google Maps API Integration




A Comment from Robert : Since day one we we blessed to work with A1design. They meet each and every request and did a wonderful job on our website 🙂 We will definitely be doing business with them again. Ty again for all your time and patience with us
We wish best of luck to the ISLAPT team and hope that it will be their big return on the investment on the occasion of new year 2014.

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