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4 easy tips to recover from low landing page conversions

A1dezine Ltd | May 14, 2018 | SEO | no responses

A website without a good landing page is not going to attract customers. Basically, a landing page works best to catch the attention of customers. For this reason the landing page of every website needs to catchy. It is an important attribute to increase your conversion rates. You will definitely not want increased bounce rate after investing your time and money in creating your website. A landing page basically focuses on getting the attention of your target audience and then guide them to action on your site.

It will offer easy and seamless ways to your customers to purchase a product on your site. It will also guide them to interact with a consultant and get more vital information. Along with this your landing page will guide your customers to subscribe to get regular updates on your services or products. This way they will be able to get more enlightening and promotional information about your products.


Although building landing pages for your website seems relatively easy and straightforward. But when the user start to use your services things get complicated. If you have designed a beautiful landing page, it is worth appreciation only when you get higher conversions.

When the audience starts navigating through your website and using your services. It is then that you will start tweaking and modifying your landing page to get improved conversion rates. Of course you will need some effective tips to fix low landing page conversions and without wasting time. So, here we have an assembled 4 easy tips to recover from low landing page conversions:

Build trust in your audience

By using effective lead nurturing methods, you might have got a number of leads. However, you may have no idea whether those people trust your brand and keep coming back.  Moreover, your audience will have no idea why they should trust your product. Therefore, make sure to create trust in your audience to strengthen your legitimacy. This will boost confidence in your customers and they will tend to rely more on your products.

You can use several ways to win your customer’s trust:

  • Social proof: If you have social media pages, make sure to link them to your site. Putting them display will get you improved leads. This will also indicate that you are a well-established and reputed business.
  • Professional affiliations: If you are in any agreement with another brand, it may be wise to put that on your landing page. As this can highly influence your customers to gain more leadership.
  • Third-party certifications: It is best to have valid certifications from authentic third-party. This type of certification shows that you conduct business with complete transparency.

Call to Action

As we already discussed, a landing page guides the users to take action on a website. It is basically designed to influence a lead to take action. With the help of clearly visible and perfect call-to-action you can guide your customers to make decisions. Make sure to place the call-to-action button right on the top of your website. Also highlight it with bold and impactful colours. Keep the things simple for your customer and propose the things for them like they are non-technical in doing that.

Keep your website appealing

It is important to have a visually attractive website. As first impression always counts. When you have a site that easily grab attention of your audience, it is easy to generate more leads. Beside this your site must also have compelling content to keep your users engaged. Your content should be professionally written, high quality, visually attractive and free from errors. It should be something that describes your brand’s personality to your users.

Don’t forget to test your landing web page

Whenever you tweak and change your landing page make sure to first test it on your own. It’s because every time you modify the landing page, it will have positive and negative influence on your conversions. You can use A/B testing which will help you to analyse two aspects against one another. This way you can find out which changes generates more conversions. You can also go for multivariate testing, but it will be highly difficult to perform.

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