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Planning a Website For Your Business?

Ranjeet Singh | October 2, 2019 | Customer Service | no responses

Web presence has become the most important aspect for an individuals or businesses now a days, if you don’t have a web page related to you or your business, it means that you are not connected to the world because nobody can search you on the internet, and off course internet the biggest giant around us. So, let’s talk about it in detail.

new website planning

So websites or the individual web pages are helping us to connect together and off course it really helpful to increase the sales for your business. There are few points need to be considered before setting up a new website and the main factor is trust, If you impress your visitor by providing the best number of quality services then visitor will definitely come back to you and trust on your brand to use in future.

Well, if you are planning to setup a website for your business then definitely consider the credibility of the website. User of website doesn’t know about anything and they always look for true and honest services, especially if you are running an online web shop. User will only make the transactions with their credit card if they trust on your brand or the brand of payment gateways. You have to follow professional track if you want to setup your website successfully if you are not sure about all basic stuff then you probably have to search for some good website design companies.
I am writing this article for those peoples who know the basic stuff on internet and looking to get tips on how to start a new website for an individual or businesses.

There are few points to consider that’s really important to make your website reliable, below points are only for business websites:


A)  Look for your website must be professional, take your time to think about branding (logo of the website), Logo is going to elaborate your business. People like to see your services or work in images or video format, so try to explain your services in photo slideshow or the best way in explanation using online video, people love to hear about your services. Media items are essential since few visitors don’t like to involve into reading the content on your website.

B)  Try to book your domain name (WWW website name) relevant to your business name as most of customers are going to recognize you with your brand name. Next thing is your primary email address, do not go with Gmail, yahoo or Hotmail when it comes to your business email address, please setup email addresses like info@your business name. For example : A1dezine is a web design company in New Zealand and they are having domain name and their primary business contact email address is

C)  Content is the main impression for your website, do not try to load and bulk content for your landing page (Home page), try to write a blurb that explains your business and services. Customers don’t have time to read everything , they just love to read the headlines brief so try to show your blurb highlighted from the rest of content.

D)  Everybody know the famous brands in the market but start-up brands have to explain everything for the online visitor. Specially the number of people working for your business so that people can see if you have capability to deal with their business or not.

E)  Be specific for your services page that’s the next thing people going to browse after your landing page. Explain your services as much as possible. Again, as much as graphic or video stuff you can add that would be useful because online visitors love to see the things quickly.

F)  Make sure that navigation of your website is user friendly, give an easy way to go through inner pages of the website, prefer top navigation rather than left. Always look for responsive web Design Company so that your website should look great on mobile devices as well. Also there should not be any dead links or you can lose your customer.

G)  If your business is restricted to some terms of trade or privacy policies then go ahead and mention them for legal purposes.

H)  If you are offering a service website then avoid to use any sort of advertisement on the website, do not put anyone’s Ad on your website, even if its paid.

I)  If you are socially active on the internet then do not forget to link them with your website that can be the best way to enter into your website and increase your sales. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google plus are the major social networks that helps to grow your business online.

J)  Get a small form of feedback for your customers that would be very helpful. It will help you to recognize the progress of your website, Also place the Google analytic code at the end of pages, using this tool you can track everything you want.

As I said previously these are the very basic points those need to be considered before setting up your start-up business website, Apart from these points, there is much more which is helpful to improve your website but they comes at later stage. I have explained few more tips to make your website outstanding.

Finally if you are not sure that you can get everything done yourself then you probably need to look for a professional into it. If you work with A1dezine, one of the best web design company in New Zealand, then you don’t have to worry about doing above points yourself, At A1dezine, they will take care of everything you want. Plan your project with A1dezine as detailed as possible and get your business website online with thousands of daily visitors.

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