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Price Right Glass Ltd –Website Re Design

Ranjeet Singh | September 27, 2013 | New Website Design | no responses

A1dezine team has been contacted by Cody Beach couple of months ago to talk about how to improve the performance of his glass business website, Cody was quite unhappy with the old look of website and specially the contact form was not even programmed properly, he never got online queries via website.
redesign website with A1dezine
Priced Right Glass is an owner operated business based around a father and two sons, all co-workers working in the glazing trade. All Qualified and Registered Glaziers, They have over 50 years’ experience between us and have been in the business for over 30+ years.
Well, we had a long discussion about how to improve the performance of his website. Cody just wanted to go with the new responsive website design technology so that his business can be browsed by most of visitors, also he had a search engine factor in his mind and he already had a list of key phrases for a target audience on Google. Cody just wanted to redo everything without changing the branding like logo and other graphic related stationary. He also gave us the idea of market research how he has been contacted by several great website design companies in Wellington but he selected A1dezine Limited because he just likes the look of our own website.

Priced Right Glass Old Snapshot (BEFORE)
old snapshot image

Priced Right Glass New Responsive Website Design (AFTER)

new snapshot

What A1dezine has done to improve the Price Right Glass website?

– Responsive Website Design
– J Query Home Page Slideshow
– Basic Search Engine Optimizations.
– Added new page part of additional service
– Improved the look of work examples.


At the launch of website, We were so pleased because Cody Beach was very happy with the new look of website, We have done a proper testing on all the Operating systems and mobile devices with him and final product was great to go with Cody. We are hoping best of luck for his business success.
Are you planning to redo your dead website, well think about it, rather than spending thousands of dollars on the third party marketing, concentrate on your own thing, your business website, It will not even cost you more than your monthly marketing budget , trust on me.

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