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3 ways to reduce bounce rate and increase your conversions

A1dezine Ltd | June 12, 2018 | Online Marketing | no responses

Bounce rate is a term commonly used in internet marketing. It represents the percentage of users on your site who view only one page and then navigate away. Generally, bounce rate is high when your visitors leave your site without clicking on links and browsing any further pages. It indicates that your site is not able to keep your audience engaged. This is why you don’t get enough traffic to increase your sales and grow your business.

So, it is a crucial step to reduce bounce rate and increase conversions for your site. It creates a profitable deal for both you and your users. Whenever you notice an increased bounce rate you must look for effective ways to reduce it. This will help you rank better in search engine rankings, generate more leads, increase conversions and attract more visitors.

A brief guide banner

Here is an ultimate guide to improve your conversion rates and reduce bounce rate:

Improve the readability of your quality website content

It is true that you must add authentic and relevant content to your site. As it makes your site more valuable and keep your traffic engaged. Additionally, it is important to improve the readability of your content and make it legible for your users. It is not worth having great content on your site if it is not easy to read. Using unappealing designs and second rate formatting of your content will simply affect its quality.

Below we have given some effective ways to create your content appealing to your visitors:

  • Highlight all of the important information using bullet points;
  • Don’t use subheadings when not required;
  • Make sure to bold only necessary keywords;
  • Add high quality images when required.

Keep your website updated on a regular basis

If you don’t update the content on your site, it will decrease your search engine ranking. Not only this, it will also generate poor leads. Make sure to use authentic and engaging content on your site on a regular basis.  This will attract the right type of audience to your site and keep them engaged. By updating new content you can win your customer’s trust and convert them into loyal customers.

Consider adding natural links in your content

A very effective way to engage your audience is to give them the opportunity to explore your site. You must add links to each page in your website in your content. A website is more likely to generate leads if it is able to educate it’s users about the products and services.

Therefore, make sure to direct your audience to an informative page rather than a sales page. You can use your sidebar and add quality content to entice your audience. For instance, you can add your newest post, latest products or services and frequently read content.


You can find a innumerable ways of reducing your site’s bounce rate. The best way is to give a great user experience by satisfying their needs. Focus on having a user-friendly and attractive website that is easy to navigate.

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