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The Cost of Web Design

A1dezine Ltd | September 19, 2019 | New Website Design | no responses

If you have ever asked yourself “What is the price of web design?” Maybe you already know that there is no easy solution to it. You may as well be asking what the price of a vehicle is. Automobiles can cost anywhere between a few hundred dollars and a few hundred thousand dollars. Of course, the former will be a clunker that doesn’t run very well. And the latter is just a status symbol for people with millions in the bank.

The cost of web design follows the same principal. How much you want to spend, what you want and how the site in question is designed are all concerns that will factor into the price. If you were to build the site yourself, you stand to pay nearly zero dollars. But if you are looking into getting your website designed by website design professionals, you will be paying thousands. In this post, the kind of website that is going to be discussed is the professional kind.

How Much Website Design Costs in Hamilton, NZ

If you live in Hamilton, and you want a website professionally designed, the cost ranges from $999 all the way up to $10,000 and beyond. The cost is heavily influenced by such factors as what services you choose from the company and how much functionality you want.

The level of experience and skill that the web designer has under their belt will also have an effect on how much you pay. Some web designers are better than others. The ones offering the best quality will be the most expensive.

What to Expect to get with your Money

These are the elements of web design that you are paying for. They will configure the server that your website will be on. The CDN needs to be implemented, the domain will have an email set up on it, and a CMS (content management system) along with an SSL certificate will be installed.

The website layout design itself will be factored into the cost. A template is often used in this process, which is customised. However, there is the option of full customisation. The design includes UX, or user experience. This is where concerns such as how easy it is to navigate, and how well the site flows, are considered and implicated in the design.

The functionality of the website using custom code is important. If your website is going to have a shopping cart or any other service, this will need to be added to the website’s engine. The content creation, whereby text and images are created for the site will be part of the cost. And the ongoing maintenance will also factor into how much you are going to pay.

The Overall Cost

If you can get away with paying nothing for a website, why should you get one professionally made for thousands? The truth is that if you build a site yourself, you will need to learn how to do so. The training needed will cost you money and time in this case.

Finally, the best reasoning behind choosing the professional route has to do with the results. Your website is guaranteed to look great, and be easy to use. This is what your business needs!

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