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Web Design Look Does Affect Online Visitors and SEO!

Ranjeet Singh | September 24, 2013 | Online Marketing | no responses

There are many website designers and developers in the world who consider that search engine optimization and marketing process will have to start after the completion of website, it’s the widespread misunderstanding amongst the professionals but according to Google layout update, it confirmed that website design layout has a big impact in terms of search engine optimization and organic SERP. Search engine optimization process must be started just after completion of your Photoshop layouts. If your website pages are not responsive according to the Google standards then Google might ignore reading your web pages often and that’s the main bad impact that your website can face in future if you have not thought about that yet.

What exactly search engines look for?
That’s probably the million dollar question asked by billions of internet users, Google experts have replied that Google only loves your website if everybody else love it, even all the effective Google algorithms have been made by considering these credentials, google always keep an eye on your website how many people liking it and how many hits your website gets on daily basis. Most of people take it in wrong way and spend thousands of dollars in buying clicks or likes but Google is smart enough to mark them spam. Search Engines spiders run on algorithms and they are expressed and changed regularly, which is why SEO is such an active department in the web industry. But all the algorithms are finally aimed towards certifying that websites offering related content and the greatest user experience should get top search rankings. Whether it is the settlement and structure of your content or your inner linking or social media interface buttons or even your website quality or speed, Google, as well as all other main search engines ensure that you are ranked by how you perform on their web design constraints.

What is the meaning of SEO friendly website, do I need it anyway?
Many website designers consider that if they do the on page SEO after completion of the website then be careful, its totally wrong method to work with. SEO friendly website process should start when designer is converting Photoshop file to HTML/CSS, make sure that static HTML pages are responsive layouts, pages must look great not only in all major browsers but also in IPHONE, I PAD and other mobile devices. Google just loves responsive designs lately and pages coded with the micro data on it then Google read your page in micro seconds. If your developer put the micro data on the pages then Google will read your page just like normal user can. But this is not done yet, there are many other things that need to be improved before making the website live which includes the title and description tags or other header tags, alt and rel tags as well as content structure Actually, the main component of on-site SEO includes a proper website building from the start. Practices like improper internal linking can bring down your search rankings. Similarly, keep a steady tab on your outbound links to make sure that the web pages they are linked to still occur. Also, if you consider that only visitors want quick loading pages, again you are highly mistaken. Search Engine spiders detect slow loading websites and bring down their search rankings as well.  Nowadays responsive web design is very important for SEO as a number of mobile and tablet users are increasing day by day, and will soon overtake the desktop or laptop visitors.

Yes, we must need to build or convert old websites to responsive websites. I hope that these ideas will help you to take decisions on selecting the best website design company to build or redo your old websites, it’s still not too late, run with your competition rather than considering over it later.

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