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Web Design Trends 2018

A1dezine Ltd | February 1, 2018 | Web design | no responses

New web design trends

As every new year brings new beginnings 2018 will be all about successful experiences in the tech world. The outlook of the tech world is rapidly evolving at a constant pace. Nevertheless, various rich technologies like voice user interfaces, virtual reality (VR) and machine learning are now common. So, now is a good time to have a glance at more modern web designs and various emerging trends of 2018.

The passionate and experienced team here at A1dezine is really obsessed with fresh web trends and technologies. As this is what inspire our process of web designing and development. It helps us in developing high-quality websites with all the latest technologies incorporated in it with due consideration. We know that you will want to have the best and latest when it comes to your web design project. Keeping a close eye on 2018 web trends will help you handle your web design project with style.

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Below we’ve put together the most impressive web design trends in 2018 you must look forward to impress your users.

Virtual Reality Video

In 2017 nearly every website used this amazing web technology. We commonly witnessed a video intro on nearly every website. This helps us to closely know the people behind the services and products that we use on a daily basis. Beside this we also witnessed various services and applications that make it simple to create impressive videos.

web design needs

This year website will use virtual reality video in a more impressive way. One can expect to see websites with interactive videos, 360 modelling, video mapping and 360 videos. However, using these features might seem time-consuming and expensive. There are actually a very few apps one can easily access to play virtual reality videos.

Flat Design

In previous years, web developers designed simple and less cluttered sites making them more mobile responsive. Websites with heavy pictures take more time to load and give a very irritating experience to the smartphone users. As we see more people are using mobile searches, mobile-first design for websites has become a necessity. Now, website owners look for clean sites with minimalist designs. Such websites are trendy and load rapidly. Thus, quick loading websites are desirable for both desktop browsers and mobile users. It also contributes to a great SEO value. For this reason Flat designs have already become quite popular in 2017 and will continue to trend in 2018.

uncluttered designs

Flat designs focus on using only essential features on site for enhancing its usability. It’s all about getting rid of slow loading and distracting designs with hi-resolution pictures. Flat designs focus more on utilizing lots of open space, clean edges and bright colors.

Using the minimalist function, however, doesn’t make flat designs uninteresting and dull. The combination of illustration, bright colors, sans-serif fonts and simple imagery provide engaging and enticing user experiences. When the user navigates through a web page with flat designs it doesn’t take much time to load.

Since it doesn’t depend on using captivating images or using huge amounts of additional data. This means whether users browse a website via mobile or desktop they will have a quick-loading and enjoyable experience. Another excellent thing is that these rapidly-loading designs make page speed and optimization much quicker. This is highly desirable to all prominent search engines like Bing, Google, Yahoo, etc. Websites that load quickly also keep their users engaged and improve the conversion rates.

Internet of Things (IoT)

This technology is referred to quickly growing network of devices connected to the internet. In 2018, most of the websites will be using Internet of Things (IoT) technology. This will allow you to easily interact with smart devices as well.

Web design elements

For example, cars, refrigerators, light bulbs and various other appliances can be linked to the IoT. However, you will need an experienced web developer to help you tackle with a smarter website. Since it will have a very complex backend professional web designer will provide you an easy-to-use interface.

Expressive Typography

Although web designers use simple and less-cluttered layouts you can expect them to use expressive typography in 2018. We have already discussed before that fast loading site is excellent for your user experience and search rankings. However, it’s a thing of concern that how a designer can show creativity without using high-res images?

When we talk about typography combined with latest web design trends a word is worth a thousand pictures. In short, utilizing expressive typography over heavy design help sites to load faster. Some of you might think typography to be a less interesting design element. But in reality each style like modern or gothic, script or slab, serifed or sans makes a huge difference.

font and things

For instance, modern fonts are used by most of the modern technology giants that are fashionable brands. Gothic typography reminds people of history, Europe, churches and old-fashion language. Whereas, script evokes pictures of femininity and extravagant parties and slab fonts are related with powerful and fearless. This is how powerful the impact of typography can be. That’s why, many well recognised companies opt to develop their own unique fonts to emphasis their branding.

Animated Logos and Scroll-Triggered Animation

Over the past years we have witnessed great advancements in technology. This has helped web browsers to deal with animations in a much better way. In 2017 animations used to be distracting and gaudy. Whereas, 2018 will bring a new era of utilizing useful and subtle animation. This includes the use of animated Logos and scroll-triggered animation.

Animation design

Recently, scroll-triggered animation has been more in use. Since it doesn’t need downloading huge amounts of data to the browser or mobile to look appealing. With this technology web owner can use simple and clear transitions. Scroll triggered animations can also help in demonstrating your product or service. This type of animation will leave a lasting impressing on your viewers, when done correctly. Applying the designs thoughtfully on your site will help your brand by providing a more professional and modern look.

When we combine flat design with scroll feature it allow to create smooth transitions on site. This simplifies the process of navigating for users to a great extent. Smooth transitions occur as the viewer scrolls from “about us” to “our services” and more. However, it will be best to hire a professional designer to make more use of this technology.  An experienced web developer can skillfully hatch new ways to make each transition intriguing to your users.

Furthermore, scroll-triggered animations keep users engaged and increase the conversion rates. Using subtle and bold animated Logos for your company’s brand can be really helpful fro your online business. As it is easy to memorize dynamic visuals and this is what makes video content more useful. Basically, animated Logos help in conveying a meaning story about your brand. Since they interact with users in a more enjoyable and fun way.

Artificial Intelligence Chatbots, and Machine Learning

Over the past few years, we’ve been highly interacting with bots. An example of this can be when you contacted your mobile service provider. So, this is another important element that shouldn’t be overlooked in your web designs. With the help of machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) these bots have become highly smarter at solving problems. This is the reason even Facebook know everyone very well these days.

Latest web design trends

For instance, it recognizes us through our picture and provide tag option automatically. It even keeps a track of our activities and reading habits. This helps Facebook to show us the exact events, blogs, information and events. In 2018 websites will make the most of  this technology to provide seamless interactions to the users. This will allow them to offer fast and efficient customer care service.


Over years cyber crime like data breach, malware attack or malicious hacker has become a common issue. This makes website security the most important aspect when designing a site. The widely used search engine like Google have already developed the process to notify users of harmful sites. You must also ensure secure the information of your client’s while developing your site.

Web security

Keep your security certificate up-to-date on all the web pages. When people will find you trustworthy they will most likely use your services and share their information.

Voice User Interface

Voice user interface (VUI) (also known as natural language processing) allow human interaction with a computer through speech. Some of the most popular examples of voice user interfaces include Siri, Cortana and Alexan. Now, VUI can clearly understand and react to complicated voice commands. When used in combination with machine learning these interfaces can anticipate your requirements before you even give the complete command.

Voice google search

Make sure you use conversational content on your site because every user interact differently when using voice commands.

Seamless Interactions

Another impressive web design idea for 2018 is using seamless interactions. This involves implementing  interactive features like voice user interfaces and chatbots. Using these will allow your users to interact with your site without having to click a page or wait for it to reload. Additionally, you can use excellent design elements like micro-interactions to enhance communication on your site. For example, you can allow your customer to leave a review by giving you stars than filling a form.

Take risks and Reap rewards

When it comes to providing rich experiences to your users it means taking risks and reaping rewards. This simply involves using latest technologies and guiding your customers to use them. With the help of an efficient web design team and the right tools you can reap wonderful rewards.  

Using the above discussed modern technologies you can definitely give your customer the best experience of a lifetime.

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