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Website Development

Web development is an essential aspect for any business, whether the business is big, small, new or established. This is because your website is a vital hub for business information, acts as a digital brochure showcasing your products and services, enhance business interactions, and is an excellent way to attract traffic through search engine optimisation.

Thus, it is crucial that you work with a web developer that is professional and competent, who can guarantee you a successful online business, and can assist you in accomplishing your business objectives. Hamilton’s go to web development company, A1Dezine, can enhance your business growth with an end to end web development. We combine impressive web development and designs with optimized SEO and E-commerce strategies. The end result is a website that will ease your viewer’s journey, boost engagement, and increase the productivity of your business.

Website Development

Our Qualified Web Developers Work at the Back and Front-End of Websites

We will plan your website from the ground-up, and use our 30 years of combined experience to add value to your website needs. Our experienced team plan, manage, and develop our client’s websites with effective solutions that are customised and scalable.

We believe that web development involves more than just a “once and done” attitude. It also needs to be developed over-time with constantly changing digital demands and trends. This is why we develop websites that can easily adapt and fit the growing needs of your growing business. We do all of this with your vision and perspective at the forefront of our minds. As a result, our friendly team span multiple projects to keep our client’s websites up-to-date, and provide on-going maintenance and improvements.

We Develop Websites Using SEO-Friendly Platforms

The influence that website platforms have on the development of websites that meet all your business marketing objectives is very high. Also, when it comes to Content management systems (CMS), there are plenty of options, and each of them have their own benefits. Being a reliable company, we choose a CMS that can be comfortably and confidently use by our clients. This will give you more control over your website and help you to keep it up to date while regularly adding new content like posts, blogs, web pages and products.

Generally, we advise our clients to choose a CMS that will match with their business requirements. As an experienced web development company, we use WordPress, which is a globally recognised platform and very easy to manage.

We Use the Latest Technologies to Ensure High-Quality Website Development  

PHP 5.6.3 – MySQL

Platforms – Windows, UNIX

Client side – DHTML, CSS, HTML, JavaScript

Server side –PHP/Mysql

We Think User Experience is Extremely Important

We not only deliver sites with stylish and sleek designs. We design websites that will ease your user journey and boost engagement on your website. We believe that functionality matters a lot. Our team is dedicated to perfecting user experience, and developing smoothly functioning sites. Visitors to your website will find navigation simple and easy, and it will guide them through any transaction in an intuitive way. When dealing with us you will get websites that look good and reflect overall branding.



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I”ve been looking for a provider who would help us develop social network website for quite some time. We received over 50 proposals and at the end decided to go with a1dezine and I couldn”t be more happy with the decision. The work they did is simply amazing and I would recommend them for any project you are working on. They didn”t only listen to what I wanted but added their ideas and improvements so I can just say one thing – fantastic guys to work with + the website looks and works great!

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