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Why Content is the most important part of SEO?

Ranjeet Singh | January 14, 2019 | Content Marketting | no responses

Content has become the most powerful tool for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) of your website. SEO is not limited to making back links and a guest forum posting anymore. There are a number of popular websites with higher rankings don’t have hundred’s of back links because they have a primary weapon called content. Relevant content that can explain enough to what you are targeting for could make your website popular among your customers.

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After the latest update of Google called “hummingbird”, it is clear that Google is targeting for the organic results with relevant and unique content on them. Actually, it makes sense that a user who is looking for something on Google should get what he is looking for. This update improved the search results and filtered the duplicate content search results as well. This update called content as a king of optimization so as much as content you post on your web page, expect an excellent search results from the Google.

Content means just not a website content that explains your business, it includes blogs, forums and article writing relevant to your business. If you are posting the content related to your business to other good DA (Domain Authority) websites, then don’t forget to link back to the more detailed relevant page on your website, in this way, users will find the useful detailed information on your website and this is what Google is targeted for. Most easy and useful information distribution over the internet.

It is clear attention to all the business providers that make your website design according to the responsive design standards which is already followed all the detailed search engine techniques. Make sure that website content is not an image format or Google is not going to read it and the result can be worse.

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Finally, it’s a good reason to start your website optimisation yourself by writing great and unique content. It’s always better to write about your business and its services yourself rather than hire someone because nobody can understand your business more than you.

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