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Why should you invest in improving Website Performance?

Ranjeet Singh | September 13, 2013 | Online Marketing | no responses

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Empowering the performance of a website is generally the last thing most businesses consider when choosing how they will invest their marketing financial plans. Most businesses assign budgets to promote their website using Google Adwords, Search engine optimisation, online or offline advertising and social media but few businesses consider about how significant their website is to their overall achievement.
Your website is probably the most important part of your online marketing scheme – it will exactly make or break your business online.
I am going to explain here why :

Your website can provide you a competitive benefit
Your website’s conversion rate is probably the most commanding competitive returns you can add next to your competition. If your website exchanges 10% of website guests into sales, and your competitors are only converting 3% of website guests into sales, you should definitely spend 20% of your competitors’ resources and still get the same outcome.
If you compare at how the common online advertising works these days, you’re spending a cost-per-click for reasons to visit your website. If you can convert website visitors at 5 times the rate of your opponents, you can pay 20% of their cost-per-click and still get the same cost-per-acquisition (CPA).

Your website decides how many sales you get from your marketing budget
When you subscribe to a promoting online, or offline for that matter, you’re running prospects straight to your website. You may be paying $5,000 per month on advertising, or you may be paying $500,000. In all cases, the figure of sales you get from your marketing is clearly related to the presentation of your website.
Many businesses we talk to are pleased to spend $5,000 per month on marketing but hesitate when we propose spending $5,000 one-time off on improving the performance of their website – this is one of the major mistakes a business can make… just think about it.

Your website concerns how much Facebook traffic you get
Facebook is at the present one of the giant sources of website referral traffic after Google… and when you believe that more than 2 million New Zealanders are on Facebook, it makes sense. But to actually maximise the traffic you get from Facebook it’s important to know how it works.
By adding Facebook sharing functionality, such as Facebook ‘Likes’ and ‘recommendations’, you will line up your website with how individuals share content on Facebook thereby maximising the traffic you get.

Your website concerns the excellence of clients you attract
The class of the design, structure and layout of your website straight affects the thinking of customers you attract – the superior the quality of your website, the higher the quality of customers you will attract.
Just take a break and imagine about it… how many times have you browsed a website and right away made a statement on the type of company it is, how costly the products or services would be and whether or not you will contact them, just by how it looked and felt.

Your website directly concerns your SEO positions
The solution to really increase your SEO rankings is to make a different web page for all the top notch level keyword you like to rank for. By doing this will signify that you are having the keyword in the Title Tags, Meta Tags, URL structure, Headings and body copy… and it will be added logically. You’ll also can have a web page for every keyword which makes it easier to rank for each keyword. And the extra pages you have on your website, targeted to precise keywords, the more rankings you will get.

After interpreting this article, I hope that you fully realize the role that your website plays in the performance of your accomplishment online… the only thing left is making the choice
Your website keeps the keys to your online success… the enhanced if performed, the more money you make.
Are you still thinking of alternate solutions ? Well, I hope not, Feel free to plan your project with A1dezine team, one the fastest growing New Zealand website design company, they will assist you at the top level of experience that how they can improve the performance of your website.

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