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Womack Real Estate – New Website Design

Ranjeet Singh | November 27, 2013 | Customer Service | no responses

Womack logo design

A1dezine Limited has become a global leader in the web design industry after servicing combined experience of 30 years in a successive direction. We have been contacted by thousand of satisfied overseas customers and Rafael is one of them who has contacted us as a project manager at the Womack real estate company to setup a new website. The Womack real estate is the part of JBGoodwin Realtors, one of the biggest realtors in Austin and San Antonio states. Rafael just explained the basic specifications of the website, there main motto was to make the website look and feel professionally done with the nice image slideshow and listing of relevant properties.
Womack is a dynamic team with years of entrepreneurial experience providing management of multiple projects, people and vigorous time commitments. Their core values revolve around helping people and the lost art of customer service.  Simply put, they bring hospitality to real estate.

However, we have to start work on the website from the ground up but they had few rough ideas in their mind so We have just tried to explore their thoughts as much as possible. The whole idea behind the website was to show people about their knowledge, services and commitment to the real estate projects. They already got the logo fine prints that helped us to choose the right color theme according to their branding. They just wanted to keep the whole web design process clean and attractive.

What A1dezine has done to build a New Womack real estate website?
Website Design and Development
JQuery Home Page Slideshow
Basic Search Engine Optimizations.
SEO friendly html tags setup

New Website Look:

womack web design

Website Link

The guys at Womack sent us the great comments and best wishes for the future work. Rafael is one of our regular customers now, they have been so impressed with the new website and already contracted another website with us. We wish best of luck to the Womack team for their future.
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